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    Our History

    Afreek'Ed NGO was founded in 2016 and registered under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code in the city of Boston. It all started in 2012 as a simple mutual aid association by a group of African students in Massachusetts, who at the time, felt the need to build trusted relationships and help youth in Africa.

    Since 2016, the NGO has been active in West Africa with its initiatives to make education affordable for children in pre-primary schools and primary schools.

    For us, education is the key to personal fulfillment and a nation's development. We strongly believe that an individual that can read, communicate and write has the necessary tools to become essential in his or her community and family. Based on this thinking, Afreek'Ed aims at helping the youth build a strong educational foundation and alleviate the effects of poverty on their growth.

    Be a part of our community

    Afreek'Ed was founded not only with the aim to help children in Africa, but also bring visionaries and future builders together.

    We invite all the young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people of the diaspora around the world to support our initiative and help build a community where ideas prevail to make the world a better place.

    By joining our organization and fighting together for the education cause in Africa, we are building a strong foundation that will last decades and even a century. Afreek'Ed intends to follow its commitments and grow in the utmost integrity and transparency.

    Why does education matter ?

    At Afreek'Ed, we are firm believers that education is key to success in our communities just as Nelson Mandela mentioned that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


    Over the past decades, the world's institutions have made a big step toward improving the education system worldwide and increase school enrollment in developing countries. As a result, Africa's current primary school enrollment went up to 80% on average, according to the UNESCO. However, the students' poor results turnout in some areas is due to overcrowded classes. In some other areas in Africa, the rate of education exclusion has not changed due to the lack of finances. These challenges bring out questions about the quality of education and the future of our children. How can we then help curve the system?

    We founded Afreek'Ed to look into these issues and find ways to make a positive impact. We believe that we have to start by:

    • Making adequate educational resources such as study materials, notebooks, pens, pencils, bags, and uniforms available;
    • Creating an encouraging learning environment. This includes the quality of the teaching workforce and access to tutoring programs; 
    • Offering basic services such as sanitation, electricity and clean water. Bringing basic services will reduce diseases among youth and encourage them to perform well.
  • Programs

    In partnership with schools and local authorities in Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire to implement our programs and empower the youth.

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    Ed-Scholarship Program

    We help them get access to education.

    The Ed-Scholarship Program aims at sponsoring primary school children in the Sub-Saharan region by signing up for a long-term commitment to provide for their educational expenses including tuitions, and school supplies.

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    After-class Tutoring Program

    We help strengthen their academic capacities after class.

    The After-class Tutoring Program aims at reinforcing kids capacities after school. We want the youth to identify their weaknesses, build on their strengths and pass their exams.

    The third edition of the Scholarship Program at Matar Diop (now El Hadji Mbaye Diagne Degaye) Primary School in Dakar, October 2019

    The second edition of the After-class Tutoring Program at Bemavogo Primary School in la Côte d'Ivoire, August 2019

  • Team

    We are a diversified group of social entrepreneurs.

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